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Your insurance company has denied your disability claim.

To you, the fact that you are disabled is obvious. But insurance companies have a financial incentive to deny your disability claim, and to them, the fact of your disability is often far from clear. Insurance companies routinely pay doctors, nurses, vocational specialists, and claims examiners to comb through claims files for reasons to deny benefits. Even the federal laws that govern employee benefits (ERISA/COBRA) give your insurance company substantial advantages over you. Your insurance company knows about these laws. You should too.

The Social Security Administration has denied your disability claim.

For those who have filed disability claims through the Social Security Administration, the outlook may be just as bleak. The Social Security Administration is understaffed and can't keep up with the high volume of disability claims it receives. Even worse, the SSA maintains its own regulations, procedures and standards of review that can thwart even the most well-informed claimant.

Peter T. Skeie, Attorney at Law, LLC, can help you.

Peter T. Skeie, Attorney at Law, LLC is dedicated to helping disabled people get the benefits they need and deserve. He graduated cum laude from New York Law School and went on to earn an LL.M in Taxation from New York University School of Law. Mr. Skeie has a thorough knowledge of the federal statutes and regulations that control Social Security and ERISA claims. He has handled hundreds of cases at every stage of review, from initial applications, through the administrative review process and on to the federal courts.

Contact Peter T. Skeie about your claim today.

Contact Mr. Skeie today about your disability claim. He knows how ERISA's codes and regulations affect your disability claim and about how the Social Security Administration handles its claims. He can help you to devise an effective strategy for presenting the merits of your case.

To best assess your situation, Mr. Skeie will need to understand the procedural history of your claim and its current status. He will also need as much information as you can provide regarding your medical conditions, the nature and severity of your symptoms and impairments, your prescriptions, and the names of all the doctors, hospitals, or clinics that have treated you.

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